Jordan Miller drummer.jpg

While primarily a drummer, I am proficient in various instruments. I have toured and performed on numerous albums with my own bands, and frequently work as a session drummer in the studio for other bands/musicians. I have composed original music for film and video projects, played in theatrical pit bands, and released over a dozen albums with various original musical projects.

If you need a session drummer or want to work together for a project, please feel free to reach out!

Current Musical Projects:

TIME COLUMNS (progressive rock)

LUNA & the LOST KEYS (rock/r&b/soul)

GYPSY CAB COMPANY (mysterious solo music)

Selected Albums:

Time Columns - Mana (drums, vocals, producer)

Lost Keys - The Revival EP (drums, vocals, recording)

Derek Ryan - Glass EP (drums)

Gypsy Cab Company - Zoetrope (vocals, all instruments, recording, mixing)

Ghost Hotel - Do You Feel It? (producer, guitar, drum programming)

Hugh Trimble - Another Ghost to Sleep (producer, drums)

TV Babysitter - Do I Look Human? (drums, recording)

Danny O'Neill - Delmarva (producer, drums)

Hugh Trimble - Neighborpoem (producer, drums)

Dan Kessler - Don't Know Me Well (producer, drums)

TV Babysitter - What Has Science Done? (drums, recording)

Society Ills - Give Up The Ghost (vocals, guitar)


Selected Film/Video Scores: 

Don't Open Your Eyes (feature film)

17 Locust Street (short film)

DisConnect (short film)

Pieces of Tangier (documentary)

Underneath It All (short film)

Shadow of a Doubt (short film)