Frederick One Take is a monthly webisode series produced by Gypsy Cab Studios, Mystery Ton Studios and Frederick Playlist.  Each episode features a new band or musical artist stepping into the studio and showing us what they got with a live performance followed up by an interview with out host, Colin Mcguire. Currently the series is in its second season, and you can check out every single episode below!


S2 EP10: Christmas Spectacular II with Luna

S2 EP9: The Dirty Middle

S2 EP8: One Blue Night

The Dirty Middle - Full Interview

One Blue Night - Full Interview

S2 EP7: Middle Kid

S2 EP6: Stitch Early

S2 EP5: Gloop

S2 EP4: Flooded

S2 EP3: J Berd

S2 EP2: The Jeff Cosgrove Trio

S2 EP1: The Plate Scrapers


S1 EP6: Silent Old Mtns

S1 EP5: DoubleMotorcycle

S1 EP4: Crooked Hills

S1 EP3: Ricole/DaMood 

S1 EP2: Mr. Husband

S1 EP1: Cheshi

Middle Kid - Full Interview

Stitch Early - Full Interview

Gloop - Full Interview

Flooded - Full Interview

J Berd - Full Interview

The Jeff Cosgrove Trio - Full Interview

The Plate Scrapers - Full Interview

Silent Old Mtns - Full Interview

DoubleMotorcycle - Full Interview

Crooked Hills - Full Interview

Ricole/DaMood - Full Interview

Mr. Husband - Full Interview

Cheshi - Full Interview