"Frederick One Take" is a monthly webisode series produced by Gypsy Cab Studios in conjunction with Mystery Ton Studios and Frederick Playlist.  Every episode features a new band or musical artist coming into the studio and showing us what they got with a live performance. Each episode also features a full interview with the artist. 


S2 EP5: Gloop

Gloop - Full Interview

S2 EP4: Flooded

Flooded - Full Interview

S2 EP3: J Berd

J Berd - Full Interview

S2 EP2: The Jeff Cosgrove Trio

The Jeff Cosgrove Trio - Full Interview

S2 EP1: The Plate Scrapers

The Plate Scrapers - Full Interview


S1 EP6: Silent Old Mtns

Silent Old Mtns - Full Interview

S1 EP5: DoubleMotorcycle

DoubleMotorcycle - Full Interview

S1 EP4: Crooked Hills

Crooked Hills - Full Interview

S1 EP3: Ricole/DaMood 

Ricole/DaMood - Full Interview

S1 EP2: Mr. Husband

Mr. Husband - Full Interview

S1 EP1: Cheshi

Cheshi - Full Interview